Receiving a DomainAnnouncement Frame

Local master browser servers periodically send DomainAnnouncement frames to inform the local master browsers for other machine groups on the subnet about the status of the machine group. (For more details on the timers related to this process, see section 3.3.6.)

Browser servers receiving the DomainAnnouncement frame that are not the local master browser MUST ignore the frame.

The local master browsers receiving the request MUST update the machine groups list with the information included in the DomainAnnouncement as follows:

  • If an entry for the received MachineGroup exists in Machine Groups List, the server MUST set the name of the local master browser for that entry to the LocalMasterBrowserName in the DomainAnnouncement request, and MUST reset the Machine Group Expiration Timer for this entry to (value received in the Periodicity field of the DomainAnnouncement request) x 3.

  • If an entry does not exist, the server MUST create a new entry and insert it into the list. The machine group in the entry MUST be set to MachineGroup in the received DomainAnnouncement request, the local master browser for that entry MUST be set to the LocalMasterBrowserName of the request, and the Machine Group Expiration Timer MUST be set with (the Periodicity value received in the request) x 3.

The local master browser MUST reset the Machine Groups List Machine Group Expiration Timer.