This command was introduced in the CorePlus dialect, but is often listed as part of the LAN Manager 1.0 dialect. This command is deprecated. Clients SHOULD use the SMB_COM_WRITE_ANDX (section command.

Server support of this command is optional. The server MUST indicate support for Raw Read/Write using the CAP_RAW_MODE Capabilities bit during protocol negotiation.

SMB_COM_WRITE_RAW is a specialized write command intended to maximize performance when writing large blocks of data to an open regular file, a named pipe, a device, or spooled output. The command permits a client to send a large unformatted data (raw byte) message over the SMB transport without requiring the usual SMB request format. It also permits a client to send messages in excess of the maximum buffer size established during session setup.

The server MUST accept an unformatted data message of up to 65,535 bytes in length. The server MUST allow the client SMB_COM_WRITE_RAW Request (section to include an unformatted message. The client MAY send part of the data to be written along with the SMB_COM_WRITE_RAW Request.