This command was introduced in the NT LAN Manager dialect.

This command is used to create and open a new file, or to open an existing file, or to open and truncate an existing file to zero length, or to create a directory, or to create a connection to a named pipe. The FID returned MAY be used in subsequent requests.

The message includes the pathname of the file, directory, or named pipe, and RootDirectoryFID (see following) that the client attempts to create or open. If the message is successful, the server response MUST include a FID value identifying the opened resource. The client MUST supply the FID in subsequent operations on the resource. The client MUST have write permission on the resource parent directory to create a new file or directory, or write permissions on the file itself to truncate the file.

The following are the commands that MAY follow an SMB_COM_NT_CREATE_ANDX in an AndX chain: