The CLUSCTL_CLUSTER_CREATE_INFRASTRUCTURE_FILESERVER cluster control code<223> instructs the server to create a file server for the cluster set.

Protocol version 2.0 servers do not support this control and MUST fail this method by using error code 0x00000001 (ERROR_INVALID_FUNCTION).

The client SHOULD set the InBuffer parameter to CLUS_CREATE_INFRASTRUCTURE_FILESERVER_INPUT, as specified in section, associated with this control. If length of InBuffer is greater than 16, the server MUST fail the operation with ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER.

The server MUST create a file server for cluster set indicated by the FileServerName specified in InBuffer and update the file server name in the CLUS_CREATE_INFRASTRUCTURE_FILESERVER_OUTPUT structure as specified in section

The server SHOULD accept a CLUSCTL_CLUSTER_CREATE_INFRASTRUCTURE_FILESERVER cluster control code request if its protocol server state is in the read/write state, as specified in section 3.1.1.