PutPublisherProperty (Opnum 32)

The PutPublisherProperty method sets the application-specific publisher property of the subscription. If the subscription does not already have a publisher property, this method will add it to the publisher property collection. If the same name property exists, it would be overwritten by the new value provided as part of this method. See publisher properties in section

 [id(14), helpstring("method PutPublisherProperty")] HRESULT PutPublisherProperty(
   [in] BSTR bstrPropertyName,
   [in] VARIANT* propertyValue

bstrPropertyName: The application-specific name for publisher property. The format for the publisher property name MUST adhere to the format specified in section

propertyValue: The application-specific publisher property value which MUST be of the type specified in

Return Values: An HRESULT specifying success or failure. All success codes MUST be treated the same, and all failure codes MUST be treated the same.

When this method is invoked, the server MUST validate both the bstrPropertyName and propertyValue parameter. If the validation fails, the server MUST fail the call, returning a failure HRESULT back to the client. Otherwise, the server MUST attempt to store the value into the state of the DCOM object instance servicing this call specific to publisher properties, and fail the call if it cannot. Otherwise, the server MUST override any previously associated value with this property name.