GenerateTimeSpanLogInLocalTime (Opnum 6)

The GenerateTimeSpanLogInLocalTime method<42> writes a file that contains diagnostic information about failover clusters for the server on which it executes. The log entries in the file date back only for the specified number of minutes. The file uses local time instead of GMT. The content and format of the file is implementation-specific but SHOULD contain diagnostic information.

 HRESULT GenerateTimeSpanLogInLocalTime {
   [ in ] unsigned long SpanMinutes,
   [ out ] BSTR* LogFilePath

SpanMinutes: A value, in minutes, that indicates those values that SHOULD be in the log. Events that occurred in the range of Now to (Now - SpanMinutes) MUST be in the log and no others. Now is the local time on the server.

LogFilePath: Has the same meaning as parameter LogFilePath for the GenerateClusterLog method specified in section

Return Values: Return values are the same as the return values for the GenerateClusterLog method specified in section

Return value/code




The call was successful.

For any other condition, this method MUST return a value that is not one of the values listed in the preceding table. The client MUST behave in a consistent, identical manner for all values that are not listed in the preceding table.

Exceptions Thrown: No exceptions are thrown beyond those thrown by the underlying RPC protocol [MS-RPCE].

The opnum field value for this method is 6.

When processing this call, the server MUST do the following:

  • Generate the file with the correct data, honoring the SpanMinutes parameter.

  • Place the file in a valid LogFilePath on the machine, as specified in section

  • Generate the server-relative path to the file.

Return the following information to the client:

  • The server-relative path to the file.