3.1.1 Abstract Data Model

This section describes a conceptual model of possible data organization that a server implementation maintains to participate in this protocol. The described organization is provided to facilitate the explanation of how the protocol behaves. This document does not mandate that implementations adhere to this model as long as their external behavior is consistent with that described in this document.

Abstractly, clipbook information is kept as follows:

ClipbookData.ClipbookName: A string uniquely identifying the clipbook.

ClipbookData.SharingStatus: The SharingStatusType (section value of the clipbook.

ClipbookData.Formats: An array of clipboard formats present in the clipbook.

ClipbookData.Formats[N].FormatName: The ClipboardFormatName (section value identifying the clipboard format within the clipbook.

ClipbookData.Formats[N].Data: The data contained for the clipboard format within the clipbook.

Servers of the Desktop Clipboard Protocol SHOULD maintain the following state.

SharedClipbookData: An array of ClipbookData entries representing the clipbooks shared by the server.