The DHCP_OPTION_SCOPE_INFO6 structure contains information about the option. The information includes the type of the option and the level of the option (server level, scope level, or reservation level).

 typedef struct _DHCP_OPTION_SCOPE_INFO6 {
     [switch_is(ScopeType), switch_type(DHCP_OPTION_SCOPE_TYPE)]
         [case(DhcpDefaultOptions6)] ;
         [case(DhcpScopeOptions6)]  DHCP_IPV6_ADDRESS  SubnetScopeInfo;
         [case(DhcpReservedOptions6)]  DHCP_RESERVED_SCOPE6 ReservedScopeInfo;
         [case(DhcpGlobalOptions6)] ;
     } ScopeInfo;

ScopeType: This is of type DHCP_OPTION_SCOPE_TYPE6 (section enumeration, defining the scope type of the associated DHCP options, and indicates which of the following fields in the union is used.

ScopeInfo: This is a union that can contain one of the following values chosen based on the value of ScopeType.

SubnetScopeInfo: This is of type DHCP_IPV6_ADDRESS (section structure, containing the IPv6 prefix ID of the subnet for which the option value is to be set.

ReservedScopeInfo: This is of type DHCP_RESERVED_SCOPE6 (section structure, containing the IPv6 address of the reservation and the IPv6 prefix ID for which the option value is to be set.