The DHCP_SUBNET_ELEMENT_INFO_ARRAY_V6 structure defines an array of DHCP_SUBNET_ELEMENT_DATA_V6 (section structures of IPv6 prefix elements. The first member contains the number of IPv6 prefix elements (such as IPv6 reservation, IPv6 exclusion range, and IPv6 range), and the second member points to the array of length NumElements containing DHCPv6 IPv6 prefix elements. This structure is used in the R_DhcpEnumSubnetElementsV6 (section method.

   DWORD NumElements;
   [size_is(NumElements)] LPDHCP_SUBNET_ELEMENT_DATA_V6 Elements;

NumElements: This is of type DWORD, containing the number of IPv6 subnet elements in the subsequent field the Elements member.

Elements: This is a pointer to an array of DHCP_SUBNET_ELEMENT_DATA_V6 (section structures of length NumElements containing IPv6 prefix elements.