A Volume Cannot Be Found

When a client needs to determine the MachineID for a given VolumeID, the client MUST use the FIND_VOLUME message. This message MUST be sent to the server by using a LnkSvrMessage request, as defined in In that request, the client MUST specify a MessageType in the TRKSVR_MESSAGE_UNION of SYNC_VOLUMES, set the Priority value to zero, and set the SyncType field within the TRKSVR_CALL_SYNC_VOLUMES structure to FIND_VOLUME.

For example, this request might be sent if a client is searching for a file and received a TRK_E_REFERRAL error from the LnkSearchMachine call to a DLT Workstation server (as specified in [MS-DLTW]), and where a call to the DLT Central Manager returned TRK_E_NOT_FOUND. The client might then use the VolumeID component of the fileLocationNext parameter of that request in a FIND_VOLUME request as the volume field.

The client MUST also specify the following field in the TRKSVR_SYNC_VOLUME structure:

  •  The volume field MUST be set to the VolumeID whose MachineID is desired.

  •  All other fields of the TRKSVR_SYNC_VOLUME structure MUST be set to all zeros.

See section for information about the server processing of this subrequest. See section for information about the client's completion of this subrequest.