IVolumeClient3::ReplaceRaid5Column (Opnum 48)

The ReplaceRaid5Column method repairs a dynamic RAID-5 volume by replacing the failed member of the volume with a specified disk.

 HRESULT ReplaceRaid5Column(
   [in] LdmObjectId volumeId,
   [in] hyper volumeLastKnownState,
   [in] LdmObjectId newDiskId,
   [in] hyper diskLastKnownState,
   [out] TASK_INFO* tinfo

volumeId: Specifies the OID of the volume for which the member will be replaced.

volumeLastKnownState: Last known modification sequence number of the RAID-5 volume.

newDiskId: Specifies the OID of the replacement disk.

diskLastKnownState: Last known modification sequence number of the replacement disk.

tinfo: Pointer to a TASK_INFO structure that the client can use to track the request's progress.

Return Values: The method MUST return 0 or a nonerror HRESULT on success, or an implementation-specific nonzero error code on failure (as specified in [MS-ERREF]; see also section 2.2.1 for HRESULT values predefined by the Disk Management Remote Protocol).

When the server receives an IVolumeClient3::ReplaceRaid5Column message, it MUST process that message, as specified in IVolumeClient::ReplaceRaid5Column (section