IVolumeClient3::DeleteVolume (Opnum 34)

The DeleteVolume method deletes the specified dynamic volume.

 HRESULT DeleteVolume(
   [in] LdmObjectId volumeId,
   [in] boolean force,
   [in] hyper volumeLastKnownState,
   [out] TASK_INFO* tinfo

volumeId: Specifies the OID of the volume to delete.

force: A value that indicates whether deletion of the volume will be forced if the volume is in use by another application. If this value is false, the call will fail if some other application has the volume locked.





Deletion will not be forced if the volume is in use.



Deletion will be forced.

volumeLastKnownState: Volume's last known modification sequence number.

tinfo: Pointer to a TASK_INFO structure that the client can use to track the request's progress.

Return Values: The method MUST return 0 or a nonerror HRESULT on success, or an implementation-specific nonzero error code on failure (as specified in [MS-ERREF]; see also section 2.2.1 for HRESULT values predefined by the Disk Management Remote Protocol).

When the server receives an IVolumeClient3::DeleteVolume message, it MUST process that message, as specified in IVolumeClient::DeleteVolume (section