All fields have same definition as specified in section DNS_RPC_SERVER_INFO_DOTNET (section ), with the following exceptions:<33>

 typedef struct _DnsRpcServerInfoLonghorn {
   DWORD dwRpcStructureVersion;
   DWORD dwReserved0;
   DWORD dwVersion;
   UCHAR fBootMethod;
   BOOLEAN fAdminConfigured;
   BOOLEAN fAllowUpdate;
   BOOLEAN fDsAvailable;
   [string] char* pszServerName;
   [string] wchar_t* pszDsContainer;
   PDNS_ADDR_ARRAY aipServerAddrs;
   PDNS_ADDR_ARRAY aipListenAddrs;
   PDNS_ADDR_ARRAY aipForwarders;
   PDNS_ADDR_ARRAY aipLogFilter;
   [string] wchar_t* pwszLogFilePath;
   [string] char* pszDomainName;
   [string] char* pszForestName;
   [string] char* pszDomainDirectoryPartition;
   [string] char* pszForestDirectoryPartition;
   [string] char* pExtensions[6];
   DWORD dwLogLevel;
   DWORD dwDebugLevel;
   DWORD dwForwardTimeout;
   DWORD dwRpcProtocol;
   DWORD dwNameCheckFlag;
   DWORD cAddressAnswerLimit;
   DWORD dwRecursionRetry;
   DWORD dwRecursionTimeout;
   DWORD dwMaxCacheTtl;
   DWORD dwDsPollingInterval;
   DWORD dwLocalNetPriorityNetMask;
   DWORD dwScavengingInterval;
   DWORD dwDefaultRefreshInterval;
   DWORD dwDefaultNoRefreshInterval;
   DWORD dwLastScavengeTime;
   DWORD dwEventLogLevel;
   DWORD dwLogFileMaxSize;
   DWORD dwDsForestVersion;
   DWORD dwDsDomainVersion;
   DWORD dwDsDsaVersion;
   BOOLEAN fReadOnlyDC;
   DWORD dwReserveArray[3];
   BOOLEAN fAutoReverseZones;
   BOOLEAN fAutoCacheUpdate;
   BOOLEAN fRecurseAfterForwarding;
   BOOLEAN fForwardDelegations;
   BOOLEAN fNoRecursion;
   BOOLEAN fSecureResponses;
   BOOLEAN fRoundRobin;
   BOOLEAN fLocalNetPriority;
   BOOLEAN fBindSecondaries;
   BOOLEAN fWriteAuthorityNs;
   BOOLEAN fStrictFileParsing;
   BOOLEAN fLooseWildcarding;
   BOOLEAN fDefaultAgingState;
   BOOLEAN fReserveArray[15];

fReadOnlyDC: A Boolean value that indicates whether the DNS server has access to a directory server that is running in read-only mode, that is, whether the server does not accept directory server write operations. The DNS server detects whether this is the case by reading the supportedCapabilities attribute of the server's rootDse object, looking for LDAP_CAP_ACTIVE_DIRECTORY_PARTIAL_SECRETS_OID. (See [MS-ADTS], section