The DRS_MSG_GETCHGREQ_V11 structure defines the request message sent to the IDL_DRSGetNCChanges method. This message version is a superset of DRS_MSG_GETCHGREQ_V10.

 typedef struct {
   UUID uuidDsaObjDest;
   UUID uuidInvocIdSrc;
   [ref] DSNAME* pNC;
   USN_VECTOR usnvecFrom;
   [unique] UPTODATE_VECTOR_V1_EXT* pUpToDateVecDest;
   ULONG ulFlags;
   ULONG cMaxObjects;
   ULONG cMaxBytes;
   ULONG ulExtendedOp;
   [unique] PARTIAL_ATTR_VECTOR_V1_EXT* pPartialAttrSet;
   [unique] PARTIAL_ATTR_VECTOR_V1_EXT* pPartialAttrSetEx;
   ULONG ulMoreFlags;
   GUID correlationID;
   [unique] VAR_SIZE_BUFFER_WITH_VERSION* pReservedBuffer;

uuidDsaObjDest: DSA GUID of the client DC.

uuidInvocIdSrc: Invocation ID of the server DC.

pNC: NC root of the replica to replicate or the FSMO role object for an extended operation.

usnvecFrom: Data used to correlate calls to IDL_DRSGetNCChanges.

pUpToDateVecDest: Stamp filter describing updates the client has already applied.

ulFlags: A DRS_OPTIONS bit field.

cMaxObjects: Approximate cap on the number of objects to include in the reply.

cMaxBytes: Approximate cap on the number of bytes to include in the reply.

ulExtendedOp: 0 or an extended operation request code (section

liFsmoInfo: 0 or a value specific to the requested extended operation.

pPartialAttrSet: A set of one or more attributes whose values are to be replicated to the client's partial replica, or null if the client has a full replica.

pPartialAttrSetEx: A set of one or more attributes whose values are to be added to the client's existing partial replica, or null.

PrefixTableDest: Prefix table with which to convert the ATTRTYP values in pPartialAttrSet and pPartialAttrSetEx to OIDs.

ulMoreFlags: A DRS_MORE_GETCHGREQ_OPTIONS bit field.

correlationID:  An identifier for the operation that the DC can use for implementation-defined troubleshooting. There are no normative constraints on this value, nor does the value figure in any normative processing rules.

pReservedBuffer:  A pointer to a VAR_SIZE_BUFFER_WITH_VERSION structure (section 5.219). MUST be a null pointer.