The UPTODATE_VECTOR_V2_EXT structure defines a concrete type for the replication state relative to a set of DCs.

 typedef struct {
   DWORD dwVersion;
   DWORD dwReserved1;
   [range(0,1048576)] DWORD cNumCursors;
   DWORD dwReserved2;
   [size_is(cNumCursors)] UPTODATE_CURSOR_V2 rgCursors[];

dwVersion: The version of this structure; MUST be 2.

dwReserved1: Unused. MUST be 0 and ignored.

cNumCursors: The number of items in the rgCursors array.

dwReserved2: Unused. MUST be 0 and ignored.

rgCursors: An array of UPTODATE_CURSOR_V2. The items in this field MUST be sorted in increasing order of the uuidDsa field.