The DS_REPL_ATTR_META_DATA structure defines an attribute stamp for a given object. This structure is a concrete representation of an AttributeStamp.

 typedef struct {
   [string] LPWSTR pszAttributeName;
   DWORD dwVersion;
   FILETIME ftimeLastOriginatingChange;
   UUID uuidLastOriginatingDsaInvocationID;
   USN usnOriginatingChange;
   USN usnLocalChange;

pszAttributeName: The lDAPDisplayName of the attribute to which the stamp corresponds.

dwVersion: The stamp version.

ftimeLastOriginatingChange: The date and time at which the last originating update was made.

uuidLastOriginatingDsaInvocationID: The invocation ID of the DC that performed the last originating update.

usnOriginatingChange: The USN assigned to the last originating update by the DC that performed it.

usnLocalChange: An implementation-specific value.