3.2.3 Initialization

When an LU 6.2 Implementation is initialized, the Transaction Manager Name field MUST be set to a value that is obtained from an implementation-specific source.

The LU Transactions Enabled flag is initialized by sending a TXUSER_GETSECURITYFLAGS_MTAG_GETSECURITYFLAGS message using the CONNTYPE_TXUSER_GETSECURITYFLAGS connection to the transaction manager as specified in section in [MS-DTCO]. On receiving the TXUSER_GETSECURITYFLAGS_MTAG_GETSECURITYFLAGS message, the transaction manager responds with a TXUSER_GETSECURITYFLAGS_MTAG_FETCHED message, which indicates whether the transaction manager supports LU transactions by setting the DTCADVCONFIG_OPTIONS_LUTRANSACTIONS_DISABLE bit in the grfOptions field, as specified in section in [MS-DTCO].