2.2.35 LPSTR

The LPSTR type and its alias PSTR specify a pointer to an array of 8-bit characters, which MAY be terminated by a null character.

In some protocols, it is acceptable to not terminate with a null character, and this option will be indicated in the specification. In this case, the LPSTR or PSTR type MUST either be tagged with the IDL modifier [string], that indicates string semantics, or be accompanied by an explicit length specifier, for example [size_is()].

The format of the characters MUST be specified by the protocol that uses them. Two common 8-bit formats are ANSI and UTF-8.

A 32-bit pointer to a string of 8-bit characters, which MAY be null-terminated.

This type is declared as follows:

 typedef char* PSTR, *LPSTR;