The ENCRYPTION_CERTIFICATE_HASH type is used to represent a single certificate hash. For more information on certificates, see [X509].

   DWORD cbTotalLength;
   RPC_SID* UserSid;
   [string] wchar_t* lpDisplayInformation;

cbTotalLength: The length, in bytes, of the structure.

UserSid: The SID of the user who owns the certificate. This is intended only as a hint. It MAY be set to zero if no such hint is available. The structure of an RPC SID is specified in [MS-DTYP], section

Hash: A pointer to an EFS_HASH_BLOB (2.2.7) structure.

lpDisplayInformation: A string that contains the subject or principal name of the account the certification is assigned to. The subject name and the principal name can be the same. This is only intended as a hint for display purposes, and is implementation-dependent. This field MAY be set to NULL if no such information is available.