RRPC_FWQueryFirewallRules2_27 (Opnum 85)

The RRPC_FWQueryFirewallRules2_27 method requests the server to return all the firewall rules that match the specified query object that are contained in the store that is referenced by the hPolicyStore handle. The method returns a linked list of all the connection security rule objects. The method is only supported for binary version 0x021B.

 DWORD RRPC_FWQueryFirewallRules2_27(
   [in] FW_CONN_HANDLE rpcConnHandle,
   [in] FW_POLICY_STORE_HANDLE hPolicyStore,
   [in] PFW_QUERY pQuery,
   [in] WORD wFlags,
   [out, ref] DWORD* pdwNumRules,
   [out] PFW_RULE ppRules

rpcConnHandle: An RPC binding handle that connects to the RPC interface of the Firewall and Advanced Security Protocol.

hPolicyStore: An input parameter that is an FW_POLICY_STORE_HANDLE data type (section 2.2.93). This parameter MUST contain an opened policy store handle, successfully opened with the RRPC_FWOpenPolicyStore (Opnum 0) method (section The handle MUST be the FW_STORE_TYPE_DYNAMIC policy store type (section 2.2.1).

pQuery: Represents the query object that the client uses to specify which main mode rules MUST be retrieved from the store. The query object MUST be valid, as specified in the definition of the FW_QUERY data type (section 2.2.92).

wFlags: A combination of flags from the FW_ENUM_RULES_FLAGS enumeration (section 2.2.32), which modifies the behavior of the method and performs operations on the rules before returning them in the linked list.

pdwNumRules: An output parameter that, on success, MUST be equal to the number of rules returned.

ppRules: An output parameter that, on success, contains a linked list of FW_RULE data types (section 2.2.36).

Return Values: The method returns 0 if successful; if it fails, it returns a nonzero error code. The field can take any specific error code value, as specified in [MS-ERREF]. The following return values are common.

Return value/code




The client does not have the required credentials to call the method.



The pQuery parameter contains invalid conditions.

Exceptions Thrown: No exceptions are thrown beyond those thrown by the underlying RPC protocol, as specified in [MS-RPCE]. If any lower-layer errors are reported by RPC exception, this exception is converted to an error code and reported to higher-layer protocols via the return value.

The server MUST validate that the client is authorized to perform the requested operation (as defined in section 3.1.4) before executing this method.