SetGroupPolicyRSoPStore is an abstract interface used to set the state of the GroupPolicyRSoPStore object. This interface is typically invoked by an implementation of [MS-GPFAS] in order to notify the server of a policy change. See [MS-GPFAS] section 3.2.5 for details.

The server MUST replace the contents of GroupPolicyRSoPStore with the contents of the newSettings object. The server then MUST merge the existing contents of LocalStore with the new contents of GroupPolicyRSoPStore (as described in section 3.1.1) and store the result in DynamicStore. The server MUST invoke the abstract interface SetEffectiveFirewallPolicy (section with the contents of DynamicStore. The interface is defined as follows:

 void SetGroupPolicyRSoPStore(
     [in] PolicyStore newSettings

Input Parameter: newSettings: A PolicyStore object containing the new settings for the GroupPolicyRSoPStore.

Output Parameter: None.