FaxObs_SetPort (Opnum 15)

The client calls the FaxObs_SetPort (Opnum 15) method to change the configuration of a fax port (device). The function sets extension configuration properties that are stored at the device level, such as enabling or disabling sending and receiving, and the automatic or manual answering of calls.

The client MUST set the FaxPortHandle parameter to a valid fax port handle value returned by the FaxObs_OpenPort (section method. The server MUST validate that the client's fax user account has the access to change the port configuration. On success, the server MUST modify the properties of the port as specified by the client.

 error_status_t FaxObs_SetPort(
   [in] RPC_FAX_PORT_HANDLE FaxPortHandle,
   [in] const FAX_PORT_INFO* PortInfo

FaxPortHandle: An RPC context handle that references a fax port.

PortInfo: A pointer to a FAX_PORT_INFO (section 2.2.7) structure. The structure contains data to modify the configuration of the specified fax port. The server MUST ignore the State field of this structure.

Return Values: This method MUST return 0x00000000 (ERROR_SUCCESS) for success; otherwise, it MUST return one of the following error codes, one of the fax-specific errors that are defined in section 2.2.52, or one of the other standard errors defined in [MS-ERREF] section 2.2.

Return value/code




Access is denied. The client's fax user account does not have the FAX_PORT_SET access rights.



The handle specified by the FaxPortHandle argument is not a valid fax port handle obtained by a call to FaxObs_OpenPort.<201>



The size of FAX_PORT_INFO, specified in the SizeOfStruct field, is incorrect.



The specified fax port is currently sending or receiving a fax transmission.

Exceptions Thrown: No exceptions are thrown except those that are thrown by the underlying RPC protocol, [MS-RPCE].