NTFRS Settings Object

An NTFRS settings object (class nTFRSSettings) is used to organize NTFRS replica set objects and other NTFRS settings objects into a hierarchy of FRS replica sets, each subtree of which is administered by a particular user or group. An implementation SHOULD allow permissions to be set on nTFRSSettings objects as a means of controlling access to the master list of replica sets.

The top-level NTFRS settings object MUST be stored in the domain-naming context at the following RDN, within each domain's Active Directory domain DNS object (as specified in [MS-ADSC] section 2.44).

"CN=File Replication Service,CN=System"

Exactly one top-level NTFRS settings object MUST exist for each domain in the forest. Each of these can contain additional NTFRS settings objects. Active Directory places no limit on the number of levels allowed. However, Active Directory can have limits on the string length of the fRSMemberReference attribute of the NTFRS Subscriber object (section, which indirectly determines the levels allowed.

The NTFRS settings object MUST use the schema definition provided by the nTFRSSettings class definition, as specified in [MS-ADSC] section 2.210.

The attribute of this object defined for FRS is: