2.6.1 Remote Administration Protocol

The current File Services Management system evolved from earlier systems for remote file access, including the Microsoft LAN Manager. These early systems did not have a general RPC transport available to them, and instead defined protocol-specific methods for encoding what would later be understood to be remote function calls. The Remote Administration Protocol, as described in [MS-RAP], is such a protocol.

With the introduction of the Microsoft Windows NT 3.1 operating system, an RPC transport, as described in [MS-RPCE], became available to implementers of the File Services Management system. Rather than continuing to extend the Remote Administration Protocol, the new Server Service Remote Protocol [MS-SRVS] was defined. It replaces the use of the Remote Administration Protocol within the File Services Management system between clients and servers, which is based on the new platforms. Support for the Remote Administration Protocol was maintained however, for interoperability with pre-RPC platforms that include the Microsoft Windows 95 operating system.

In the Windows 7 operating system, the Remote Administration Protocol is deprecated. It can only be used to enumerate file shares.