EnumActions (Opnum 17)

The EnumActions method enumerates all the actions for the file screen object.

   [out, retval] IFsrmCollection** actions

actions: Pointer to an IFsrmCollection interface pointer (section that, upon completion, contains IFsrmAction pointers of all the actions for the specified action. A caller MUST release the collection received when the caller is done with it. To get the specific action interface for the action, the caller MUST call QueryInterface for the interface corresponding to the action type of the actions.

Return Values: The method MUST return zero on success, or a nonzero error code on failure.

Return value/code




The actions parameter is NULL.

Upon receiving this message, the server MUST validate parameters:

  • Verify that actions is not NULL.

If any validation fails, the server MUST terminate processing and return a nonzero error code.

The server MUST create a new IFsrmCollection object and populate it with the actions of this file screen object.