RunClassification (Opnum 27)

The RunClassification method queues a Running Job to the Classification Job Queue.

   [in] FsrmReportGenerationContext context,
   [in] BSTR reserved

context: Contains the value of the report generation context in which the running classification task will run.

reserved: This parameter is reserved for future use.

Return Values: The method MUST return zero on success, or a nonzero error code on failure.

Return value/code




Classification is already running.



The context parameter is not a valid FsrmReportGenerationContext (section value.

 The server MUST do one of the following or return a nonzero error code:

  • If there is already a Running Job in the Classification Job Queue, the server MUST return FSRM_E_CLASSIFICATION_ALREADY_RUNNING.

  • If the Classification Job Queue does not contain a Running Job, the server MUST:

    • Create a Running Job, and set its properties as follows:

      • Running Job.Parent: Reference to the Default Classification Job  object.

      • Reports directory: File system path to the output directory associated with context. See section for details on selecting the output directory for different generation contexts.

      • Running Job.Cancel: false

      • Classification Job.Namespace Roots: Copy all paths in the Namespace Roots of all classification rules that have Enabled/Disabled set to enabled.

      • Queue the Running Job to the Classification Job Queue.

    • Set the Running status of the Default Classification Job object to FsrmReportRunningStatus_Queued.

See section for more information about how the server monitors the running classification job.