The FsrmReportGenerationContext enumeration defines the set of contexts under which a report is run.

 typedef  enum _FsrmReportGenerationContext
   FsrmReportGenerationContext_Undefined = 1,
   FsrmReportGenerationContext_ScheduledReport = 2,
   FsrmReportGenerationContext_InteractiveReport = 3,
   FsrmReportGenerationContext_IncidentReport = 4
 } FsrmReportGenerationContext;

FsrmReportGenerationContext_Undefined:  This enumeration value is not used by FSRM and MUST NOT be referenced. If the server receives this enumeration value, it MUST consider the value invalid and not apply any changes.

FsrmReportGenerationContext_ScheduledReport:  The report will run as a scheduled report.

FsrmReportGenerationContext_InteractiveReport:  The report will run on demand.

FsrmReportGenerationContext_IncidentReport:  The report will run in response to a quota or file screen event.