Message Processing Details

Before processing any of the following methods, the server SHOULD obtain identity and authorization information for the client from the underlying DCOM or RPC runtime to verify that the client has sufficient permissions to create, modify, or delete the object as appropriate. These methods SHOULD impose an authorization policy decision before performing the function. The suggested minimum requirement is that the caller has permission to create, modify, or delete the object as appropriate.

All FSRM protocol interfaces inherit the IDispatch interface. Method opnum field values for all FSRM protocol interfaces start with 7; opnum values 0 through 6 represent the following methods:

To retrieve an interface of a particular object, call the QueryInterface method on the object's DCOM IUnknown interface. Details are specified in [MS-DCOM] and [MS-OAUT].

Unless otherwise specified, all methods MUST return zero on success, or a nonzero error code on failure. Unless otherwise specified as follows, client implementations of the protocol MUST NOT take any action on an error code but rather simply return the error to the invoking application.

All methods of all interfaces MUST be implemented, except the following list, which SHOULD be implemented:

And the following list, which MAY be implemented:

parameter strings: The format of the client-supplied parameter strings is driven by the purpose of the parameter strings in providing additional descriptions or parameters specific to the object to which the parameter strings apply. Each string is of the format "name=value", where "name" and "value" are placeholders for text supplied by the client but each string is not further broken down into individual "name" and "value" pieces.

mailTo string: The form of the mailTo string (sections to,,,,,,,, and is "email_address1;email_address2", where two or more email addresses are separated by semicolons. If only one email address is specified, no semicolon is needed.

illegal name characters: The set of illegal name characters includes the following: comma ",", single quotation mark "'", double quotation mark """, and the vertical bar "|". Method parameters will state if illegal name characters are not allowed.

illegal pattern characters: The set of illegal pattern characters includes the following: double quotation mark """, backward slash "\", forward slash "/", colon ":", less than "<", greater than ">", and the vertical bar "|". Method parameters will state if illegal pattern characters are not allowed.

objects stored on volumes: The only FSRM objects that are stored on volumes include the following:

The storage location is not dictated for all other FSRM objects, which include the following: