Store classification properties

This action is performed on a single file or folder and a list of Property Definition Instances for it.

To perform this action, the server MUST perform the following steps in sequence:

  1. The server builds a list of all storage modules that have Enabled/Disabled set to enabled and Capabilities that include FsrmStorageModuleCaps_CanSet. This list is referred to as the Setting Storage Modules.

  2. If the list of Setting Storage Modules is empty, the action completes successfully.

  3. For each Setting Storage Modules, the server executes the software module identified by the ModuleClsid of the storage module. The software module is executed in a process specified by Module Definition.Account. The parameters for the software module are the given local file or folder path, instructions to save name/value pairs, and all Property Definition Instances for the file. If the storage module's Needs file content is true, the server provides the contents of the file as an additional parameter.

  4. If the file extension of the file does not match any of the storage module's Supported extensions, the server skips the storage module.