Running Job

A Running Job is a volatile object that represents a Report Job, a File Management Job, or a Classification Job that has been requested to run by a call to IFsrmReportJob::Run (section, IFsrmFileManagementJob::Run (section, or IFsrmClassificationManager::RunClassification (section See also Running Report Task (section, Running File Management Job Task (section, and Running Classification Task (section The following configuration data is maintained for each object:

Running Job.Parent: This property is a reference to the Non-persisted Report Job Instance, Non-persisted File Management Job Instance, or Classification Job that created this object. The Running Job accesses and modifies some of the properties of the referenced object.

Reports directory: This property is a Unicode string that specifies where generated reports are to be stored.

Running Job.Cancel: This property is a Boolean value indicating whether the job needs to be canceled.

See IFsrmReportJob::Run (section for more information.