Description (put) (Opnum 9)

The Description (put) method sets the FSRM Base Object.Description of the object.

 [propput, id(FSRM_PROPERTY(FSRM_DISPID_OBJECT | 0x02))] HRESULT Description(
   [in] BSTR description

description: Contains the FSRM Base Object.Description to use for this object. This string MUST NOT contain illegal name characters (section The maximum length of this string MUST be 4,000 characters.

Return Values: The method MUST return zero on success, or a nonzero error code on failure.

Return value/code




The content of the description parameter exceeds the maximum length of 4,000 characters.



The description parameter contains non-valid characters or is NULL. The following are considered invalid characters: comma (,), single quote ('), double quote ("), vertical bar (|).

The server MUST use description as the FSRM Base Object.Description for this object or return a nonzero error code.