4.3 Examples of Seczones.INF, Authcode.INF, Ratings.INF, and Programs.INF

The INF file format is specified in section 4.1.3. These files are placed according to the layout specified in section 2.2.1 on the remote storage location in a GPO path, such as "\\Redmond\SYSVOL\Redmond\Policies\{GPO-GUID}\user\Microsoft\IEAK". The text "GPO-GUID" is replaced with the appropriate GPO GUID from the running Group Policy server; for example, "\\Redmond\SYSVOL\Redmond\Policies\{E11F4FD7-25E3-4069-876B-B8C90C4A61AF}\user\Microsoft\IEAK". This GPO path is written by the administrative tool extension. The following sections give examples of these INF file formats.