The TpmReplyContinue structure defines the TPM-based attestation replies, preceding the final reply. This is used only for protocol version v1.0.

     "id": "TpmReplyContinue",
     "description": "TPM Based attestation: response from server",
     "allOf": [{
         "type": "object",
         "properties": {
             "__type": {
                 "enum": ["TpmReplyContinue:#Microsoft.Windows.RemoteAttestation.Core"]
                 "required": true
             "RtpmActiveContext": {
                 "type": "string"
             "required": ["RtpmActiveContext"]
         "$ref": "[MS-HGSA]#/ProtocolReplyBase"

RtpmActiveContext: A base64Binary string representing the new Remote TPM context, as defined in section, received from the server in response to the initial TPM request.