Start (Opnum 8)

This method is used to start the Internet services.

The server can have all functionality through this interface disabled using actions taken local to the server. In this case the function MUST return an error when called (E_ERROR_RESOURCE_DISABLED) and MUST NOT perform any other action.

If the interface functionality is not disabled, the following SHOULD take place on the server when this method is called:

  • The method SHOULD<5> start all Internet services that are marked to start automatically when the computer starts up.

     HRESULT Start(
       DWORD dwTimeoutMsecs

dwTimeoutMsecs: Length of time, in milliseconds, allowed to start the services. After this time has passed, the server MUST return 0x8000041D (E_ERROR_SERVICE_REQUEST_TIMEOUT).

Return Values: A signed, 32-bit value indicating return status. If the method returns a negative value, it has failed. If the 12-bit facility code (bits 16–27) is set to 0x007, the value contains a Win32 error code in the lower 16 bits. 0 or positive values indicate success, with the lower 16 bits in positive nonzero values containing warnings or flags defined in the method implementation. For more information about HRESULT, see [MS-ERREF] section 2.1.

The method MUST return S_OK (0x00000000) upon success.

Return value/code




The call was successful.



Not enough memory is available to process this command.



A time-out has occurred while waiting for all Internet services to be started.



The IIisServiceControl Interface is disabled.