Data Model

RecordId: primary key: A 64-bit unique signed integer that is unique for each entry in the table. The store assigns a unique value when a new row is inserted into the table. This forms the RecordId member of the ServerInfo data structure.

ADDomainRecordId : foreign key(ADM_DiscoveryConfigurationTable, RecordId) on delete cascade:  This specifies the record identifier of the row in the ADM_DiscoveryConfigurationTable which is specifying the domain information for the server.

ServerInfoDetails: A number of server-specific properties that are modeled as the following set of fields in the ServerInfo data structure.

  • ADDomain

  • ConfigurationRetrievalFlag

  • Description

  • Domain

  • IPAddresses

  • LastModified

  • ManagementStatus

  • Name

  • NewFlag

  • OSName

  • OSVersion

  • Owner

  • SamAccountName

  • ServerGuid

The ServerGuid for each row has to be unique, which means that for each entry specific to a server instance, the ServerGuid has to be a unique value.