Data Model

RecordId: Primary key: A 64-bit unique signed integer that is unique for each entry in the table. The store assigns a unique value when a new row is inserted into the table. This forms the RecordId of the BaseDnsServerZone data structure.

ServerRecordId: foreign key (ADM_DNSServerRoleInfo, RecordId) on delete cascade: The RecordId of the DNS server role in ADM_DNSServerRoleInfo table for which the row specifies a zone mapping. This is used to retrieve the DnsServer data for the Server member of BaseDnsServerZone.

DnsReverseZoneId : foreign key (ADM_DNSReverseLookupTable, RecordId) on delete no action: The RecordId of the reverse lookup DNS zone which is available on the server. This is used to retrieve the Zone information of the DnsServerReverseZone.

ReverseLookupZoneDetails: This contains the other miscellaneous information pertaining to the reverse lookup zone hosted on a server which are modeled around the following properties of the DnsServerReverseZone.