This procedure can be used to retrieve the ServerRole information. The following is the input parameter to the procedure.

Param_Id: This is a 64-bit signed integer specifying the record identifier of the ServerRole information to be retrieved.

The following is the output of this procedure.

Result_serverRole: This is of type ServerRole containing the ServerRole of the row with RecordId value being the Param_Id specified.

The following are the steps involved:

  • Lookup the row in the ADM_ServerRolesTable with RecordId value being Param_Id.

  • Initialize Result_serverRole with ServerRoleInfo.

  • Assign Result_serverRole.RecordId with RecordId of the row.

  • Copy the ServerRoleDetails into Result_serverRole.

  • Call the procedure GetServerInfoFromTable in ADM_ServersTable by passing ServerRecordID as Param_Id. Assign the Result_serverInfo to Result_serverRole.ParentServer.