The DhcpScopeAllEnumerationParameters processing is done when the EnumInputParameters contains data of type DhcpScopeAllEnumerationParameters. The ObjectType MUST be EnumerationObjectType.DhcpScope. This is used to enumerate all the DHCP scopes that are present in the IPAM data store. The DhcpScopeAllEnumerationParameters.AddressFamily is used to determine the simple table within the ADM_DHCPScopesTable compound table on which the processing has to be done.

The following are the steps involved in identifying the rows to be returned as a part of the enumeration:

  1. Enumerate all the rows in the ADM_DHCPScopesTable.

  2. For each row enumerated, perform the following steps:

  3. Call the procedure GetScopeFromTable of the ADM_DHCPScopesTable passing the following parameters:

  4. Param_Id is assigned the value of the RecordId of the row being enumerated.

  5. Param_addressfamily is assigned the value of DhcpScopeAllEnumerationParameters.AddressFamily.

  6. Add the returned result Result_scope to EnumOutputData.