The ADM_DiscoveryConfigurationTable simple table stores the discovery configuration status for the domains in the forest for which the IPAM server is configured.

RecordId: A primary key. A 32-bit signed integer that is unique for each entry in the table. The data store assigns a unique value when a new row is inserted into the table. This forms the RecordId member of the DiscoveryConfig data structure (section

ForestId: A foreign key (ADM_IpamForestTable, RecordId); on delete cascade, on update cascade. This is the RecordId for the Ipam Forest for the corresponding domain.

DiscoveryConfigDetails: Specifies the details that specify the automatic discovery settings for various domains in the forest. They are modeled around the following members of DiscoveryConfig:

  1. DiscoveryConfigurationStatus

  2. DiscoveryDomain

  3. DiscoverDhcpServers

  4. DiscoverDnsServers

  5. DiscoverDomainControllers

  6. DomainGuid