The DnsServerZoneEnumerationParameters processing is done when the EnumInputParameters is of type DnsServerZoneEnumerationParameters. The ObjectType MUST be EnumerationObjectType.DnsServerZone. This is used to enumerate the forward lookup DNS zone hosting information on DNS server instances based on certain conditions specified as a part of the DnsServerZoneEnumerationParameters.

The following are the processing steps involved in identifying the rows that have to be returned for the enumeration:

  1. Enumerate the rows in ADM_DNSServerForwardLookupZoneTable that meet the following conditions:

  2. DnsZoneId is DnsServerZoneEnumerationParameters.DnsZoneId

  3. ServerRecordId is DnsServerZoneEnumerationParameters.DnsServerId

  4. If DnsServerZoneEnumerationParameters.ZoneType is specified, the ForwardLookupZoneDetails.ZoneType MUST match the specified value.

  5. Call the procedure GetDnsServerZoneFromTable procedure in ADM_DNSServerForwardLookupZoneTable and add the Result_data into EnumOutputData.