The BulkUpdateAddressSpaces operation is used to update multiple address spaces.

 <wsdl:operation name="BulkUpdateAddressSpaces">
   <wsdl:input wsaw:Action="http://Microsoft.Windows.Ipam/IIpamServer/BulkUpdateAddressSpaces" message="ipam:IIpamServer_BulkUpdateAddressSpaces_InputMessage" />
   <wsdl:output wsaw:Action="http://Microsoft.Windows.Ipam/IIpamServer/BulkUpdateAddressSpacesResponse" message="ipam:IIpamServer_BulkUpdateAddressSpaces_OutputMessage" />

Upon receiving the IIpamServer_ BulkUpdateAddressSpaces_InputMessage request message, the server performs the following processing steps. Upon successful completion of these steps, the server MUST respond with the IIpamServer_ BulkUpdateAddressSpaces_OutputMessage. In the event of a failure, an appropriate SOAP fault MUST be sent to the client as specified in section

  1. If BulkUpdateAddressSpaces.addressesSpacesToUpdate is NULL, a SOAP fault MUST be raised. If BulkUpdateAddressSpaces.addressesSpacesToUpdate is empty, set BulkUpdateBlocksResponse.BulkUpdateBlocksResult to NULL and send the response message.

  2. Initialize the BulkUpdateAddressSpacesResponse.BulkUpdateAddressSpacesResult to ArrayOfKeyValuePairOflongIpamExceptionmhTjmZB3 (section

  3. For each AddressSpace specified as a part of BulkUpdateAddressSpaces.addressesSpacesToUpdate perform the following steps:

    1. Follow the steps in UpdateAddressSpace (section for the previous AddressSpace.

    2. If the processing steps in UpdateAddressSpace result in a fault, add an entry to BulkUpdateAddressSpacesResponse.BulkUpdateAddressSpacesResult having the AddressSpace.RecordId as key and the value being IpamException detailing the reason for the fault.