The MapUnmappedRangesToBlock procedure can be used to retrieve the address range utilization for the logical group specified.

The following are the input parameters to this procedure:

Param_logicalGroup: The LogicalGroup for which the address range utilization is being requested.

Param_addressfamily: The AddressFamily of the address range for which the utilization information for the logical group is being requested.

The following is the output parameter of this procedure.

Result_utilization: This will be of type IPv4Utilization if the Param_addressfamily is InterNetwork and IPv6Utilization if the Param_addressfamily is InterNetworkV6.

The following are the processing steps involved.

  1. Call the procedure GetObjectIdsForLogicalGroup, passing the following parameters:

    1. Param_logicalGroup.

    2. Param_objectType is assigned the value of EnumerationObjectType.IPRange.

    3. Param_addressfamily.

  2. If Param_addressfamily is InterNetwork, initialize Result_utilization to IPv4Utilization, otherwise initialize Result_utilization to IPv6Utilization.

  3. For each id in Result_ObjectIds:

    1. Call the procedure GetIPRangeFromTable passing id as Param_Id and Param_addressfamily.

    2. Add result.UtilizationStatistics to Result_utilization.

  4. Return Result_utilization as the output parameter of this procedure.