Data Model

RecordId: A primary key. A 64-bit unique signed integer that is unique for each entry in the table. The data store assigns a unique value when a new row is inserted into the table. This forms the RecordId field of the ServerRole data structure.

ServerRecordID: A foreign key (ADM_ServersTable, RecordId); on delete cascade. Specifies the record identifier of the row in the ADM_ServersTable that identifies the server on which the server role is present.

ServerRoleDetails: Specifies the properties of the server role instance. These details are modeled on the following properties of the ServerRole data structure (section

  1. AuditFileAccessStatus

  2. EventViewerAccessStatus

  3. LastRefreshTime

  4. RpcAccessStatus

  5. ServerRoleFlag

  6. ServerRoleInclusionStatus

  7. ServiceStatus

  8. ServiceStatusModifiedTime

The ServerRoleFlag MUST be unique for any given ServerRecordID, which means that the combination of ServerRecordId and the ServerRoleFlag is unique in the table.