The IpamIPSubnetsByUnmappedEnumerationParameters processing is done when the EnumInputParameters contains data of type IpamIPSubnetsByUnmappedEnumerationParameters. The ObjectType MUST be EnumerationObjectType.IPSubnet. This is used to enumerate all IP subnets in the IPAM data store belonging to the specified address family and virtualization type and that are not associated with an IP block.

The following are the steps involved in identifying the rows to be returned as a part of the enumeration:

  1. Call function GetUnmappedSubnets in ADM_SubnetTable with Param_VirtualizationType as IpamIPSubnetsByUnmappedEnumerationParameters.VirtualizationType and Param_AddressFamily as IpamIPSubnetsByUnmappedEnumerationParameters.AddressFamily.

  2. Add the returned objects from the function to EnumOutputData.