The RemoveScopesFromSuperscope procedure can only be applied on IPv4 DhcpScope table. This procedure uses the IIpamOperationWithProgressCallback interface to provide the details of the subtasks, their completion status, and the overall completion status for the operation to the management client.

This procedure is used to remove existing IPv4 DHCP scopes from the DHCP superscopes to which they are mapped.

The following is the input parameter for this procedure.

Param_scopes: A list of elements of type DhcpScope.

There is no output from this procedure.

The following steps are performed against the IPAM data store:

  1. For each DhcpScopeV4 item in the Param_scopes collection, perform the following steps:

    1. Look up the row in the ADM_DHCPScopesTable with RecordId equal to DhcpScopeV4.RecordId.

    2. If the row is present in the table, modify the row and set SuperscopeId to 0.