The INET_INFO_VIRTUAL_ROOT_ENTRY structure contains data describing a virtual root for the Internet protocol server instance.

This type is declared as follows:

   [string] LPWSTR pszRoot;
   [string] LPWSTR pszAddress;
   [string] LPWSTR pszDirectory;
   DWORD dwMask;
   [string] LPWSTR pszAccountName;
   WCHAR AccountPassword[257];
   DWORD dwError;

pszRoot: The virtual root name.

pszAddress: The optional IP address.

pszDirectory: The physical directory.

dwMask: The Access Mask for this virtual root.

pszAccountName: The account to connect as.

AccountPassword: Null-terminated WCHAR array containing the password for pszAccountName.<5>

dwError: The error code stored for the virtual root.