Ticket Flag Details

The Kerberos V5 protocol specifies a number of options and behaviors with regard to the flags ([RFC4120] section 2) that are encoded in a ticket.

KILE implements the following ticket flags:

  • The INITIAL and PRE-AUTHENT flags ([RFC4120] section 2.1): By default, KDCs require pre-authentication when they issue tickets. Clients SHOULD pre-authenticate. KDCs MUST enforce pre-authentication. Therefore, unless the account has been explicitly set to not require Kerberos pre-authentication, the ticket will have the PRE-AUTHENT flag set.

  • The HW-AUTHENT flag ([RFC4120] section 2.1): This flag was originally intended to indicate that hardware-supported authentication was used during pre-authentication. This flag is no longer recommended in the Kerberos V5 protocol. KDCs MUST NOT issue a ticket with this flag set or preserve this flag if it is set by another KDC.

  • The RENEWABLE flag ([RFC4120] section 2.3): Renewable tickets are supported in KILE.

  • The POSTDATED/MAY-POSTDATE flag ([RFC4120] section 2.4): Postdated tickets are not supported in KILE.

  • The FORWARDABLE/FORWARDED flag ([RFC4120] section 2.6): Forwarded tickets are supported in KILE.

  • The TRANSITED-POLICY-CHECKED flag ([RFC4120] section 2.7): KILE does not check for transited domains on servers or a KDC. Application servers MUST ignore the TRANSITED-POLICY-CHECKED flag. For details on decoding a cross-realm TGT and crealm filtering see [MS-PAC] section

  • The OK-AS-DELEGATE flag ([RFC4120] section 2.8): The KDC MUST set the OK-AS-DELEGATE flag if the service account is trusted for delegation (section