Start Cross-Traffic Analysis

When a higher-layer application or protocol requests cross-traffic analysis on a given interface, the Network Medium Connected Flag is checked first. If the network is currently disconnected, the request is rejected. Otherwise, the initiator MUST broadcast a QosCounterLease frame over that interface, and start the interface's periodic Lease Renewal timer. The timer SHOULD be set to expire every 3 minutes.

An initiator SHOULD support multiple higher-layer application or protocol requests simultaneously. In this case, it MUST do the initialization described above for the first request. It SHOULD NOT send a QosCounterLease frame for consecutive requests; it MUST NOT reinitialize the periodic Lease Renewal timer, but continue with the current timer period.

The Base header fields of the QosCounterLease frame MUST be set as follows.

  • The Real Source Address field MUST be set to the MAC address of the interface of the initiator.

  • The Real Destination Address field MUST be set to the broadcast address.

  • The Sequence Number field is ignored by the responder and MUST be set to zero.