Sending a CPMFetchValueIn Request

If the client receives a CPMGetRowsOut response from the server with the column's Status field set to StatusDeferred (0x01), it means that the property value was not included in the Rows field of the CPMGetRowsOut message. In this case, the higher layer typically asks the protocol client to retrieve the value by means of a CPMFetchValueIn message and provides the PropSpec and _wid values for a deferred property, which the protocol client MUST use in the first CPMFetchValueIn message.

If this is the first CPMFetchValueIn message that the client has sent to request the specified property, the client MUST do the following:

  1. Set all the fields in a message, as specified in section

  2. Set _cbSoFar to 0x00000000.

  3. Set Current Bytes Received to 0.

  4. Send the CPMFetchValueIn message to the server.