Commit Directory Object Update

This event MUST be generated with the following arguments:

  • iObject: The directory object to be updated.

  • iAttributes (Optional): An array of strings containing the names of the directory attributes associated with iObject, to be updated to the directory. If this argument is not supplied, all directory attributes are updated.

Return Values:

  • rStatus: An HRESULT indicating the result of the operation.

The server SHOULD<140> perform the following actions to process this event:

  • Generate the Write Directory ([MS-MQDSSM] section event with the following arguments to update the directory object:

    • iDirectoryObject := iObject

    • iAttributeList := iAttributes

  • If the preceding event returns DirectoryOperationResult.Success, set rStatus to 0x00000000; otherwise, set rStatus to a failure HRESULT.